Library 2.0 and participatory library services

Library 2.0 and participatory library services

Librarian 2.0

Using a concept mapping or graphic organising tool, develop a meme map of your own PLN which involves social networking sites, people and organizations.

Based on Utecht’s 5 stages of PLN adoption, identify which stage you currently see yourself experiencing and how this impacts on your personal and working lives. Also identify any ‘gaps’ in your existing PLN (ie. areas which you feel you would like to develop further/in the future).

Write up your findings as a post (of no more than 400 words in your OLJ).


As I created my mind map, I was amazed by how many steps were involved in my own learning journey.

Based on Utecht’s five stages, I believe that I am still between Stages 2 and 3: “Evaluation” and “Know it all”.

I believe that this is having a positive impact on my working life – Prior to this unit, my interest in professional development did not extend past my readings for my university studies. By following blogs that engage me, I have been motivated to do extra reading. As well as helping me with my studies, this has helped me at work: The environment that I work in is very focused on self-directed professional development, and my extra reading is improving my ability to keep up with my peers.

So far, this has not had a great impact on my personal life any more than my usual university workload. It is taking away some extra time that I would otherwise have spent on non-work-related social networking sites, but not to an extent that my personal social networks have suffered. I expect that, if I move further into Utecht’s “Know it all” stage, I may have far less time to spend on these personal sites.

Although I have not yet found that my extra learning has created an imbalance in my life, I still believe that I could benefit from focusing on StepĀ 4 – Perspective. Utecht discusses this in terms of reflecting on whether your learning leaves time for your personal life; Perhaps I would benefit from doing the opposite and honestly asking myself whether my personal pursuits leave enough time for me to focus on my reading professional networks.

I look forward to reaching Step 5 – Balance. Reaching this stage will allow me to keep up with my personal learning networks, while still maintaining a healthy personal life.


Utecht (2008) Stages of PLN adoption. Available at